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 Digitizer e 65

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MesajKonu: Digitizer e 65   Ptsi Eyl. 14, 2009 2:46 am

23-Jul-2007 | 3.4.1 | 204.50 KB | English
Write, Shoot & Send! A totally new way to message: create and send handwritten messages to friends and colleagues... and it's fun! Notes, reminders, doodles, meeting directions, diagrams, colorful fun drawings, or a simple "I love you." A handwritten message is personal and can say much more than typed words. Directly from the message option menu of the handset, choose "handwritten", then take a picture of your message. The graphics are instantly extracted, sharpened, and sent as a low size MMS to any other phone or email address. Be artistic! Express your emotions! Show what's really on your mind! Digitizer works for messages in one or multiple colors! From the Messaging Menu: select the Handwritten message option.

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Digitizer e 65
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